Photoshop : Destructive VS Non destructive editing (Rasters and Vectors talk)

  Non destructive VS destructive editing            We've all heard of it, destructive and non- destructive. What it means exactly still confuses some people, so lets get to the bottom of it.  Destructive Editing           When someone hears destructive editing they get scared and wonder why would... Continue Reading →


Resolutions, RAW’s and Layers

   Photography is a lot more than pressing a button. There's so many different aspects and they each have their own moment of use. In this article we'll go over the mysteries of different resolutions, the meaning of RAW and one of Photoshop's major element: Layers. WHAT IS "RESOLUTIONS"? Resolution is so important, but not... Continue Reading →

The many hats in Multimedia Design

  If you are anything like me, when you first heard someone say "Multimedia design" you still weren't quite sure what they meant. If you break down the word you'll see that it's simply design across multiple media platforms. Now you're like oh, wow. Even then that definition is so vague that you'd want to... Continue Reading →

Photography and the Exposure Triangle

  The Exposure Triangle The exposure triangle may seem like a weird "theory" that isn't necessary to learn, but if you want to call yourself a photographer and take control over your equipment this should be second nature to you. The exposure triangle is the fundamentals of photography. Just like the name implies, it is a... Continue Reading →

Design Software : Adobe CC

As you may already know, Adobe is a computer software company majorly known for Photoshop and Adobe Creative Suite. Adobe has many things to offer, for nearly every "creative" industry, so it can get tricky. So which software is right for you? Graphic Design software Adobe has many software programs that can be distinctively put... Continue Reading →

Computer basics 101 : Mom Edition

It's 2017 and your mom is still asking you "How do I post this picture of you as a baby on Facebook?" Sad, I know. But if you really think about it, the world of technology is a scary world. Why can't mom get it together? Truth is, they're just from a different planet and they're incapable... Continue Reading →

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