Illustrator – Lets make a South Park character

 Ever wondered how South Park is created? Even though it may seem hard, it’s actually really easy. With just a little bit of knowledge in Illustrator you can easily create your own south park character. In this article i’ll show you how I created my south park character and it’s scene. So let’s begin!

       If you have a copy of illustrator, great. Open it up and follow along if you please. On a side note, have an idea of what you want to create. Before I created my file I visually created a scene in my head. Since I’ve always been a Hollywood junkie I decided to make a red carpet scene.

Step One: Always create from the back to the front. In case you don’t know what I mean when I say that, i’m saying create whats behind before anything. If you take a look at my image you’d see that my floor and wall are the farthest thing.


All I did was make two rectangles with illustrator’s rectangle tool. 

Step Two: The next thing I decided to make was my red carpet, since it’s the next thing you see on top of my “ground” I created (The light gray rectangle). 


Using the same rectangle tool, I created my red carpet and added gold on the left and right side of it to make it pop. After all, it is the famous red carpet. As you may know, to give the illusion of a path I have to mess with the perspective of this shape. To do that simply select the shape and press the keyboard shortcut of “E” and a toolbar will appear with three different options: Free transform, Perspective distort, and Free distort. Select the free distort and drag the corners in to change the perspective.


Step Three: This step might seem like a lot, so let’s not get confused. The next thing I decided to create was the “building” elements (My dark gray rectangle). So my wall contains a sign holder, the holly wood sign, the door, and the posters on the walls.


With illustrator’s rounded rectangle tool I created a long rectangle to be my sign holder. I colored it green, and gave it a stroke of black. A stroke is the outline color of the shape. From there I went to my door. My door is literally all rectangles. Since we work from back to front, I first made the brown square from one side of the red carpet to the next, with a stroke of black to stand out a bit. Then I made two rectangles with a low opacity and two rectangles to create door handles. Next, with the pen tool, I created my holly wood sign and filled it with black and gave it a white stroke. Just to add some jazz I made two star’s with the star tool.

Step Four: To not make step three so hard and confusing, I decided to put my posters into it’s own step. So the next thing I created were the poster’s on my wall. Since I’m making essentially a south park scene, I switched up the well known movie posters to poke some fun.

The first thing I did was make the red circle in the back. Then I created a black circle and sliced it in half to create the inner black. Next I pen tool’d the eyes and filled it with white. I got my text tool next and typed in “ALIVE POOL” because why not.

My next poster was my imitation of Jurassic park. The first thing I did was create a circle, and then a rectangle and then using illustrator’s shape builder’s tool I combined the two shapes. Next, I created another circle and colored it red and added a stroke of black. On top of all that I placed a black rectangle to hold my title. Using the pen tool I created my Mint and with text tool I Put all the text in this poster. 

You’re not creating a south park scene without trolling Donald trump (sorry trump supporters). I created all the text with the text tool and then with illustrator’s pen tool, I created the pen. To give the pen a shadow I duplicated the shape and distorted the perspective and lowered my opacity.  

   And finally my hunger games poster. I first wrote all the text and of course trolled around with the wording of things. Then I made a circle with black filling and a gold stroke. Then with my pen tool I outlined the mockingbird and the arrow and placed it on stop of the circle.

Step Five: Next I made my poles using a combination of the pen tool and the shape tools.


Starting from the top I drew a circle colored it gold. Next I duplicated the circle and sliced it then lowered its opacity to give a little shadow on the pole’s head. Under that I pen tool’d the pole and created the bottom with an oval shape.

Step Six: Next were the ropes between poles. The way I did this was I created a long oval shape and then sliced it to give the idea of a rope that hangs.


Then using the shortcut of “E” and pressing free distort, I tweaked it to go from one pole to the next. 


Step Seven: Finally my south park character. To make sure my aspects between objects were correct, I placed a photo of a real south park character and created mine on top. 


All south park characters have the same frame. They’re all made up of shapes. The head, hand and thumbs are all circles. On my hands and thumbs I added a stroke. Since I have freckles, I added freckles by simply putting brown circles on the face. Next I created a camera with the rounded rectangle tool and the circle tool. I added straps to show that it’s hanging from my neck instead of a design on my characters shirt.


And bam, those were all the steps I took to create my south park character and scene. Hopefully you’ve been inspired to create your own version with an impelling background that describes you. Happy illustrating. 


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